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With all the economic uncertainties many are faced with today, purchasing or renting a home can seem frightening. However with the right approach and detailed analysis we can help minimize some risk and put some tension aside.

Rent To Own Program

If you're serious about becoming a homeowner but have little or poor credit, this program may be your answer. It does not require bank qualifying. You could be living in your own home in just a few days from now! We'll work together to rehabilitate any credit problems AFTER you move in, so you can get a regular mortgage down the road. Imagine your own home ...a nice yard...no apartment neighbors...even your own laundry room and garage! Not to mention the tax benefits of owning your own home and the profit potential from home prices going up. If you've been looking for a way to get all those benefits, we're the solution. Read More

Rental Program

A quick and painless method to move you in to a property that fits your budget.

Pre-foreclosure or Power Of Sale (P.O.S) Program

It's in nobody's best interest to have a foreclosure on their credit report and walk or be forced away empty handed. This program can enable you to save your credit, home equity and leave a headache behind.

Incentive Referral Program

If you're realtor, mortgage broker, lawyer or in any related fields this program is definitely for you. For anyone you refer to us you'll be well compensated for no effort on your part, it's that easy. Ask for details today.

Refinance Program

Has the word "NO" been keeping you down? Just about at your wits end? Let us walk you through your options to help you make an informed decision for you and your family. With our vast network of lending specialists ready to guide you, finding that balance between rates and terms is a phone call away!

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How does Renting-To-Own a property work?

Our Rent-To-Own program consists of two separate parts, a Lease and an Option. These together give rise to the other commonly used name for this real estate strategy: “Lease Option”. Simply put, our client rents the property from us as a normal tenant would, and also has the option to buy the property at a pre-determined price.

The Lease portion of our program is a simple Lease, and we will often use the Provincial Government’s own version, if one exists.

The Option portion is where, as they say, “the rubber meets the road”. It is designed to work with the Lease and requires all aspects of a Lease to be in good standing. The Option is where the client is granted, for a fee, the Option to Purchase the property at set price, and for a set length of time. It also sets out additional obligations and rewards for our client.

The additional responsibilities are along the order of “perform all maintenance and repairs on the property”. In this way we ensure our clients are well established in the mindset and routines of a home owner, so the transition from renter to owner is natural and easy. Our client is further rewarded, when they perform these obligations, with a monthly credit towards their down payment, which builds until they go to purchase the property.

The most common length of time for our Rent-To-Own program is between 1 and 5 years. This seems to be enough time for our clients to fix whatever credit, or debt issues stop them from purchasing today, and it’s also enough time for us to help them save their down payment.

It is our intention that ALL our clients have the capability and means to purchase the home they Rent-To-Own from us. We carefully screen our clients and pre-qualify them for the future purchase, usually before they’ve even seen the property! We also ensure through the monthly credit we give our client, that they have sufficient funds for their down payment when they go to buy the property. Furthermore, we aim for our clients to want to buy the property they rent from us - the most effective way we have found to do this is to sell our clients the home at below fair market value; our clients actually make a profit when they work with us!

Over the years we have run our Rent-To-Own program, we have helped many people help themselves to go from renting a property, to owning their own home. While we treat our Rent-To-Own program as a profitable business, it is also our pleasure to help people achieve their dream of home ownership; we feel it is a way we can give something back to the community.

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