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Landlords & Property Owners - Commercial and Residential Property Management

Our Tenant Screening and Property Management program is by far the most thorough in the industry. Specifically designed in accordance with The Residential Tenancies Act (the RTA) (http://www.ltb.gov.on.ca/en/index.htm) and tailored to ensure both tenant and landlord security. There is no debating the fact that rewards come with risks. Tamburello Realty can and will empower you to become a victor, not a victim. Remember, this business is as much about people management as it is property management. Many landlords hire a property management company to take care of all the details of renting their property out to a tenant. This usually includes advertising the property and showing it to prospective tenants, and then, once rented, collecting rent from the tenant and performing repairs as needed. A proven system you can trust while enjoying the peace of mind knowing that a Risk Management Team is in your corner.

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