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I get tons of questions regularly about who I am and what I’m about. Well, I figured to have a writer assemble this brief biography. My goal is not to talk about how great I am or how many homes our team sells or even the fact we have a 98.2% retention rate with our Buyers, Sellers & Investors. After all, you can easily obtain those details….


So what I’m saying, if I’m saying anything, is let my story be an inspiration to your story WHEREVER you are in your real estate business…Enjoy!


Matthew Tamburello was an early bloomer in the real estate investment community purchasing his first property at the age of 18. Although he lost money on the deal it was a huge eye opener and monumental step in his education; hence, the success he experienced on his next property in Mississauga, ON. He knew quickly that this is what he wanted to do. He has not looked back as this career provides the financial, emotional and spiritual freedom he wanted. It’s a vehicle that allows him to make personal differences in his life and the people he transacts with.


After going to college for architectural technology Matthew founded The Tamburello Group of Companies (www.tamburellorealty.com) which is 100% Canadian owned and operated located in Mississauga, Ontario. The team invests in markets all across the country and primarily in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) where Matthew, who became the lead real estate agent (www.matthewtamburello.com), heads each transaction. The company has a successful track record in providing valuable real estate marketing solutions to Buyers, Sellers and Investors. “Our sellers, buyers and investors benifit from the strongest gauarntee in the industry (up-front and in writing) that if we don’t sell their home, we will buy it. Or buy any home with our team and if you’re not happy with the purchase within the first three months, we’ll sell it for free. No gimmicks…” Visit www.NewHotListing.net to learn more. He is best known for his industry leading offers:

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His model is backed by a strong foundation in architectural design, property management, creative financing, contractual law and home renovation/restoration services. “Staying entrenched in real estate, we’re able to deliver REAL value to our clients making things extremely difficult for our competetion”. In fact, Matthew has become one of the most decorated real estate agents on both a national and international scale. Namely, the Top 1% Diamond Award, VIP Recognition for Excellence in Real Estate among 40,000 agents/brokers in North America and becoming an Accredited Platinum Real Estate Agent.


By operating in the Toronto area, The Tamburello Group takes full  advantage of Canada’s impressive immigration program with 200,000 people a year coming to Canada with half starting out in the GTA. Matthew has a gamut of industry leading insider reports designed to help Buyers, Sellers and Investors answer any real estate question. Visit www.peelregionhomesales.ca to enrol for VIP access.


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The recipe for Matthew’s success is prayer and hard work. In addition, he credits the growth of his real estate business’ to careful planning and due diligence centred on elite customer service. “Real estate is more about people management rather than property management”.


One niche market Matthew is active in is student housing and fixer uppers near universities and high-raffic metropolois’. This was where he made one of his quickest and most profitable deals. A new property had been listed near McMaster University and was being rented by medical students. Given the listed price he was a little surprised at how presentable the house was and how well cared for. After some investigation, he discovered that it had been bought by the owner for his daughter to attend school. The moment she graduated, the home was put up as a “fire sale” substantially under market value.  He arrived just after dawn to look at it and bought it the same day.


While Matthew acknowledges that this was a blessing, he also believes that being active in the business and constantly networking helps make things happen. “Movers and Shakers get things done, the rest just watch”. Being busy and diligent seems to go hand in hand especially when exercising sufficient due diligence to fully control as many variables as possible and minimize the impact of those you cannot.


The other major niche Matthew works in is the Rent to Own (RTO). With a  series of market changes, Tamburello Realty Inc. Has survived the turbelance to become the top Rent To Own company in the GTA. These projects have a tremednous amount of moving parts but can be very fulfilling. The process helps people get into their own homes and can make a huge difference in their personal and financial life.


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The RTO process starts with an application and moves into the collection of information geared towards building an Investment Analysis. and carefully verified including criminal checks. They determine exactly what the tenant buyer can afford. Then they search out a property that meets both the price range and the needs to their client. Once they have a viable property they seek out an investor from their 3000 person database.


The investor buys the property and a contract is prepared between the investor and the tenant buyer as to a fixed purchase price and purchse date generally 2-3 years in the future. Everything about the property and the deal is fully disclosed to all parties, including Matthew’s profit. Both the investor/landlord and tenant/buyer know exactly when he/she will be paid out and what the end result will be. Matthew’s automated system produces predicatble results.


Matthew believes that RTOs are a powerful investment vehicleand a heathly tool to boast portfolios in a tax efficient manner. The properties are carefully selected for long term appreciation in value but because of the nature of the RTO can be depreciated for a substantial tax saving against income. The tenants are also carefully screened to be above average. Because the tenants are looking to own the property in time they will be the only tenants in that property and take very good care of it decreasing risk and the cost of maintenance. RTOs also provide peace of mind knowing there is a pre-determined exit strategy with substantially higher returns than competetive products. Matthew’s clients have a signicant advantage over other buyers and investors in the market primarily because of the patented leading edge technology providing priority access to propreiatry information all available at their fingertips


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● Distress Sales

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When asked what his best deal was he mentions an RTO project in Burlington, ON. The deal involved a young couple who both had fairly high incomes and an affluent family but they had credit and down-payment challenges which prevented them from qualifying for a traditional mortgage. They invested a lot of time and effort fully explaining to the couple the value of Matthew’s credit rehabilitation program which outlines the changes they would need to make in their life style and their perception about money. The deal finally came together and the couple ended up expeirencing what they once thought was impossible.


Matthew believes strongly in active networking. He echoes the sentiment from one of his long-time mentor that your “Net-work is your Net-worth”.  He is a strong believer in continued education and ongoing personal coaching/mentoring. Thus, he is a big fan of REIC which offers both of these features in abundance which he is proud to be both a member and mentor for this exceptional club.


You can contact Matthew or get more information from his websites.


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