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Toronto & Mississauga Real Estate: Sell your home by using Paint Color Psychology (Part II)

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Choosing Colors

For interior colors, reflect on the color usage for each room. Although you can have hundreds of choices when you choose colors to paint your house, among all there are only few basic colors while the others are their variations or coordinates, for example white as color has several variations apart from pure white such as, cream, eggshell, ivory, Navajo white, vanilla, ghost white, baby powder, snow, seashell, cornsilk, old lace, beige, linen, antique white etc.

You can sell your home in Mississauga, Toronto or anywhere very easily only you have to make sure that you use right colors at right place.

Even if you’re not looking forward to sell your Mississauga/Toronto home, these can turn out to be helpful painting ideas for your home.


Natural Colors

Blue: Blue is the color of calmness and serenity. Research suggests that painting a bedroom with a charming light blue forms a soothing ecstasy that many people who look forward to buy home in Mississauga/Toronto desire for.

Blue and its variations such as periwinkle, powder blue, baby blue, munsell, Egyptian blue, navy blue, Catalina blue etc. all are fantastic options to be used in bedrooms, bathrooms as well as boy’s room, TV lounge or closets.

blue home


Red: Red represents enthusiasm, aggression, power and warmness. All-red walls can appear disturbing especially for high blood pressure patients. Therefore, it is better to apply red moderately that shows up in certain areas in your home.

Red color doesn’t have lots of variations if we consider pink as a separate color. Red can appear in variations like redwood, maroon, fire brick and salmon, whereas pink is the best choice for a girl’s room.



White: This color expresses purity, cleanness, and effectiveness. But those who’re looking to buy home in Mississauga/Toronto will not deem pure white as a good choice for living rooms or bedrooms as it appears icy and bleak. Cream, cornsilk or beige do look great for kitchen, TV lounge, bathrooms and closets.



Yellow: As a shiny, cheerful and vigorous color, yellow has an impact of creating an optimistic state-of-mind to those who are looking to buy home in Mississauga/Toronto and enabling them choosing your home instead of other options.

Despite that positive effect, excessive use of sharp yellow can be dull. Therefore, it is better to think about shades yet again. Variations such as lemon chiffon, mellow yellow, royal yellow, and goldenrod are perfect for family room or kitchen, if not in any other part of your house.



Green: Green instigates meditation and calmness in a home, offices workplace or any other Toronto/Mississauga Real Estate property type.

Green is amazing as it’s the color of nature and gives a scenic look when tinted on fences.

Its shades can be used for sitting rooms, ceiling, accent walls, furniture, kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, paintings, bracket and windows.



Bonus – Food Colors: Kitchen and dining rooms are painted in “food colors,” such as cookie browns, coffee browns, celery greens, wheat browns; scrambled egg yellows, corn-silk and vanilla yellows, to give up a more natural appearance.

Food Color



By merely painting your house with the recommended colors you can make a swift as well as effective fresh decorative plan meant to help you to sell your home in Mississauga/Toronto quicker with even more valuation. Also you won’t need to spend lots of time and funds for that purpose.