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Archive for January, 2013

News Years Resolution: Get rid of the house…

As a fellow Lover of Holiday Time, I wanted to write you this personal letter and share with you some exciting news for the New Year. It seems most people establish new years resolutions, but for whatever reason they fall … Continue reading

How to Write a Real Estate Contract

The Real Estate contract is an agreement involving the buyers and sellers of real estate property. Here are some key points which are required in order to write a Toronto / Mississauga Real Estate Contract: While the terms and sales … Continue reading

5 Reasons to prefer Rent-to-Own in Toronto

From financial point of view, living in a home on rent is often compared to buying. Buying allows you to own the property once and for all, but instead choosing a home rent-to-own (RTO) or lease-purchase schemes have their own … Continue reading

Search for Homes at Online Real Estate

In recent years, the internet has leapfrogged the yellow pages and classified as the most common tool to search various daily life services including Real Estate. Each month, the term Mississauga Real Estate is searched on Google for an estimated … Continue reading

5 Things to Consider Before Buying your First Home

Buying home in Mississauga, Toronto or anywhere in Canada is usually a wonderful experience; however there are a number of things you should think through before settling on your valuable money for a house purchase. These are the top listed … Continue reading

Types of Commercial Real Estate Properties

The commercial real estate properties are available in various categories and proportion which are further divided into five different types: 1.       Administrative Centre/Office Property Every organization needs a workplace, headquarters, outlets, business centres and enough room to manage their affairs. … Continue reading

Mississauga Real Estate: 6 Tips for Renting Apartments

Just like everywhere else, looking for an apartment for rent in Ontario can be exciting. However, it is certainly not a good idea to settle onto a location and make commitment with a landlord hastily with scarce research. Ensure that … Continue reading