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Tips for Maximizing Your Rehabbing

One of the most common real estate strategies is rehabbing. There are entire TV shows devoted to this particular aspect of real estate investing, and as a result, it is also the point where many beginning investors start. Tamburello Realty … Continue reading

On A Personal Note…

  I get tons of questions regularly about who I am and what I’m about. Well, I figured to have a writer assemble this brief biography. My goal is not to talk about how great I am or how many … Continue reading

Before you Build, Buy or Sell your Home… Plan a Fresh Home Design!

Whether you’re looking to buy home or sell home in Toronto or Mississauga, you’ll have to focus on renewing your home design. Why?  Because when you buy a home, it’s your long-term investment, and therefore, you should take every possible … Continue reading

10 Tips for Finding an Apartment in Toronto

In the largest city of Canada, there are several apartments available for rents situated all over the city. It’s comparatively easier to find a reasonably priced and well-suited apartment in the heart of Toronto’s attractions than other major cities around … Continue reading

Toronto & Mississauga Real Estate: Sell your home by using Paint Color Psychology (Part II)

<<Part 1    Choosing Colors For interior colors, reflect on the color usage for each room. Although you can have hundreds of choices when you choose colors to paint your house, among all there are only few basic colors while … Continue reading

Toronto & Mississauga Real Estate: Sell your home by using Color Psychology (Part I)

>>Part II   Different colors can make lots of impact. From commercials to cultures, colors reflect their own philosophy. Colors can also influence various aspects of life including fashion and dress-codes and the decoration of homes and buildings such as … Continue reading


FINANCING TORONTO & MISSISSAUGA – REAL ESTATE   The Home Buyers’ Plan is a scheme that enables you to pull out an amount till $20,000 as of your Registered Retirement savings plans (RRSPs’) to purchase or build up a qualifying … Continue reading

News Years Resolution: Get rid of the house…

As a fellow Lover of Holiday Time, I wanted to write you this personal letter and share with you some exciting news for the New Year. It seems most people establish new years resolutions, but for whatever reason they fall … Continue reading

How to Write a Real Estate Contract

The Real Estate contract is an agreement involving the buyers and sellers of real estate property. Here are some key points which are required in order to write a Toronto / Mississauga Real Estate Contract: While the terms and sales … Continue reading

5 Reasons to prefer Rent-to-Own in Toronto

From financial point of view, living in a home on rent is often compared to buying. Buying allows you to own the property once and for all, but instead choosing a home rent-to-own (RTO) or lease-purchase schemes have their own … Continue reading